HAWKEYE UK Falconry Displays at Shrewsbury Carnival


HAWKEYE UK will be presenting two Falconry displays at this year’s Shrewsbury Carnival in The Quarry at 12pm and 3pm.

They will be with us all day and you will be able to visit them in their marquee.

The display team bring the ancient art of Falconry to the modern age, with a far-reaching and breathtaking display, that is guaranteed to thrill.

The displays also show the natural attributes and abilities of the birds and exhibits how they live, fly and hunt in the wild, whilst giving the audience a very close view:

The Peregrine Hybrid Falcons, estimated at reaching speeds of up to 242mph (National Geographic, 2012), are not frightened to get close to the audience, as they stoop in and out of the arena, through any gap that they can find through the audience.

The British Barn Owls, including the rare Black Barn Owl, spectacularly silent in flight, spell binding as they fly to children and adults of all ages, a very rare opportunity that will never be forgotten.

The Mexican Harris Hawks, intelligent, friendly and love to perform their wide range of skills! At times two or more are flown together. The comedians of the bird world! They always produce a humorous moment. They walk themselves round the arena!

The Indian Eagle Owl, ducks and dives between children and adults, in the arena, allowing everyone to get the full experience.

The Kestrel – We have all seen them hovering at the side of motorways, but have you ever seen them this close?

The Icelandic Gyr Falcons, gaining heights of up to 1000 feet above the audience, certainly are not frightened of heights! Showing the connection between falconer and bird, as the bird soars, then finishing with a dramatic stoop back into the arena.

Last but not least… Nowhere can an Eagle Owl, with a huge six-foot wingspan, be seen at such close quarters as it effortlessly glides over the audience, in the centre of the arena.