Statement regarding 2021 Shrewsbury Carnival and Show

Following enquiries regarding Shrewsbury Carnival and Show taking place in 2021, the team behind the event have confirmed no plans have been made for an event this year.

Last year we had provisionally booked Saturday 19th JuneĀ as a date for a possible event but with further lockdown restrictions at the end of 2020 continuing into much of this year any plans for that date were put on hold.

We love seeing large crowds gathered to watch the procession around Shrewsbury town centre as people gather along pavements and at the top and bottom of Pride Hill. With social distancing in place, we would be unable to control numbers gathering, and at the same time we would not want to block shop entrances and pathways with spectators. This was a major factor in our decision not to plan an event.

We also must think about the charities involved in carnival, a large percentage of those who have stalls in the quarry are volunteers for our fantastic local charities. Many who have not met up or carried out fundraising at events since March last year. From speaking to regular attendees, we know this year many would not have been able to join us. This also applies to float entrants for the parade involving local charities, groups, businesses, and schools.

Our team also considered how numbers could be controlled in the Quarry whilst adhering to social distancing and what attractions could be safely involved. Much work would need to be done to create a safe environment with just a handful of volunteers involved to make this happen.

Whilst many will be disappointed at this confirmation of no event taking place, we also know it is the correct decision to make.

We hope you all have a happy and healthy summer.

Shrewsbury Carnival & Show Committee